's Exclusive Premier of the Tampa Super Show:
An Insider's Look at Leading Prevost Car Conversions
The Tampa Super Show, long heralded as the kickoff of the busy season for Prevost coach conversions, and for the luxury coach industry in general, will open its gates to tens of thousands of visitors.
Prevost-stuff got an exclusive early look at the offerings by the leading Prevost coach conversions offered to the marketplace. Prevost Car, always in the pole position with a fresh  H3-45 ready for conversion, will likely pique the interest of those who seek the King of the Road platform.
Liberty Coach provided inside looks at six of the firm's newest coaches in both the XLII and H3-45 conversions. Parliament Coach is offering two of their fine coaches right off the manufacturing floor, in addition to Blue Bird and now Foretravel coaches.  Millennium Coach, well-noted for their unique designs and innovative technology, stands ready for the Super Show crowd with two H3-45 coaches.  Buddy Gregg, the pioneer in luxury coach marketing, is premiering two Country Coach Prevost coach conversions.
Waves of eager Prevost coach buyers and Prevost bus enthusiasts will be pouring over the Super Show offerings in coming days likely with eye-popping results.  The new designs and innovative technology offered by Liberty Coach, Parliament Coach, Millennium Coach and Buddy Gregg will set the standard for others to follow.

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