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 H3-45 VIP

H3-45 VIP Specs

     X3-45 VIP
      X3-45 VIP Specs

The Tampa RV Super Show is the first show of the new year to spotlight the latest and greatest from Prevost and the companies that convert Prevost Shells into the ultimate luxury motor coach.
On what is now known as "Prevost Corner" at the show, Prevost brought the a X3-45 shell that was purchased by Liberty Coach for conversion.

It never gets old seeing a bus shell in one area of the show and just a short walk away companies like Liberty Coach and Millennium Luxury Coaches have beautiful new conversions for viewing and purchase.

Nelson and Evelyn

 David Wall


A consultation with a converter is the best way to begin the process of creating the Prevost Conversion of your dreams. The customer is involved in the process from beginning to end and the result is the
most luxurious custom motor coach available anywhere.