Prevost Bunk Coaches Are A Great Fit For Family Travel

The demographic of Luxury Motorhome owners continues to grow. Successful baby boomers wanting to travel with children are choosing the Prevost Coach as their choice for RV Travel.

The option  most popular is the bunk coach; a coach that provides sleeping quarters for children yet still provides a bedroom for parents. This option provides kids with their own space for reading, watching movies or television, separate from parents or siblings.

The range of options is varied. There are converter created bunk models available in the used coach market. These coaches offer the Prevost family experience at a lower price yet with the safety and reliability of a Prevost Bus. New conversions can also be custom designed through a convertor with endless options available to make family travel comfortable and enjoyable.

New custom designs with children in mind can be created by Prevost Coach converters. This secret hideaway was created in a new coach by Millennium Luxury Coaches.

Mark Reed shares some of his experience with us, "My wife and I have two older sons in college.  The bunk coach provided space for them to join us whenever they could.  As their time allowed,  they would fly to an airport near us and travel for a few days or a week,  then we would drop them at another airport.  In this manner,  I could work on the road during the week,  but see my family on long extended weekends.  At times I also would have an employee or two join me to make sales calls.  I would then drop them off at the same airport to fly home,  pick up either my sons or a fishing buddy and relax for the next week.  The Liberty has extensive closet space,  so at times my sons would leave some clothes in the bus for convenience.  I may buy another bunk coach in the future, as grandkids arrive."  

The experience of traveling in a safe, secure coach across America is a temptation that many are finding difficult to resist. As parents get older and see their children grow up, they realize that valuable family time won't last forever. The precious time spent together makes the Prevost family experience everlasting.

I asked Kevin Erion owner of Erion Racing, how his Marathon XLII bunk coach has worked for him and his family. "I use the coach at the racetrack when I need to have a meeting away from the crowd. When my wife and children are able to travel to races with me, the coach is an isolated retreat for family when the day's business is done."

Loc McNew of Houston, Texas chanced upon his ideal bunk coach. At the time he was looking there were few bunk coaches available. When he phoned the seller about a 2002 Millennium he discovered that the coach had originally come with 3 bunks. They had been removed and a closet created, where, ironically, the owner's son sometimes slept. Loc purchased the coach and the closet, already built with air conditioning and heater vents, was again made into bunks! The McNews have traveled extensively across the United States, photographing the kids at each State Line and National Park sign. Loc feels that time in the coach seeing the countryside is priceless. Like most Prevost owners, Loc likes to drive. The seclusion of the bunks allow him to wake early and get
a start on driving before the children wake.

There are miles and miles of this great country to be discovered. A Prevost bunk coach is an ideal way to see America and create memories that will last a lifetime.

1998 Prevost Liberty
XL 45"Bunk Coach


2001 Prevost Royale 45'
XLII Bunk Coach



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