Enter Your Coach Without
"Breaking In"
One of the inconsistencies in the construction of the Prevost coach is the door handle on the curbside of your coach.  Many owners have had to replace the handle on the doorway after finding themselves, "locked out" of their coach.  Many people believe that the 'air lock' inadvertently locked on them, or perhaps that the dead bolt had slid shut.
Most often, it is the generic handle that Prevost installed on their coach at the factory.  Here are some tips that will help extend the life of your door handle (and a great deal of frustration along the way).
This is the WRONG way of opening the door to your coach:
Opening your coach this way over a period of time WILL result in a damaged handle or handle mechanism.  If you open your coach this way over a period of time, you can just about guarantee that the handle will fail.  It is constructed out of cheap, stamped metal of unknown origin.  The 'fix' to a broken handle is to take the interior door covering completely off your coach, replace and reseal a new handle.  And it is just about guaranteed that the failure of the lock will be at a time and place which is, well, about the least convenient for such a failure.
In order to extend the life of your handle, open the door like this:
This relieves some of the stress of the handle.  Open the door smoothly, not 'smartly' and you will find that it will 'pop' open much easier.
And here's another piece of information.  Over time, your coach will flex and settle in.  If you find that your door closes with some difficulty (the famed Prevost CHUNK!), then you need to adjust the striker on the frame of the door.
If you look carefully at the post, you will find that it is an 'eccentric.'  The indicated insertion point for your wrench will allow you to adjust it to being closer or farther toward the curb.  Should your door not close tightly, adjust the post toward the coach.  If it is loose, adjust the post accordingly.  This will bring the latch-point into the proper position.  This is an easy owner-fix and will save lots of time and frustration at a time when you least expect it.
A happy door is a happy owner.